Fluff, Fur and Feathers are at the heart of bübish, where we pair flattering shapes with colours that play to your mood to create that ‘fail safe piece’ that becomes a moving piece of art – a visual piece that is full of magic and character that can elevate any look. The best thing about this piece of magic is its diversity. It will be your go-to jacket that h

as no rules, no boundaries.

At bübish we make it acceptable to wear it with your ball gown, your little slip dress, your boyfriend jeans or even your tapered track pant and kicks.
Each piece is thoughtfully designed with comfort and style in mind which is why our collection offers different cuts, colours and fits. It just depends on the look you want and the mood your in.

Hand knit, hand made, hand crafted
Every piece has been hand craft by our very special, talented team of knitters. The fact that these precious pieces are made by hand makes each bübish piece just as unique as as the woman who wears it.

Ethical fur Most importantly, we proudly acknowledge that we source our products from suppliers that fit within the global ethical guidelines of manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation. Our suppliers provide us with rightfully procured fur that is either surplus fur or a secondary product of food trades under the strict req

uirements set by the Federation.