MALA CHETTY is a luxury resort wear brand inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the founder herself, who founded the brand during her sabbatical after successfully selling her consultancy firm. As Mala is known as a successful businesswoman, who enjoys a lifestyle of traveling to exclusive luxury destinations throughout the year, she knows what women want and understands the importance of comfortable, yet chic resort wear.

Mala found new ways of expressing herself through creating beautiful and exquisite fashion designs and a first collection was born: The Josina Collection, a loving ode to her mother-in-law. The launch collection consists of a range of fifteen exclusive silk garments and a selection of silk accessories. Each garment has the unique ability to be worn in a day-to-night setting with a simple change of accessories and footwear.

The MALA CHETTY garments are perfectly suited for a lifestyle of traveling due to their light weight. The silk fabrics ensure that the fit is always soft and comfortable, yet flattering and elegant. Altogether, these are excellent essentials for all women who enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.