At MALA CHETTY we understand the importance of sophisticated comfortable garments that are well crafted and contemporary in style. Since the creation of our brand in 2019, the entire collection consists of exclusive luxury silk wear that has the unique ability to be worn in a day-to- night setting with just a simple change of accessories. Our designs are feminine and graceful, yet fully created with the intention to forever be comfortable and versatile.

All garments are made of high-quality Italian silk and 100% handwoven organic dyed silk with solely natural ingredients such as roots, bark and flowers. The high-end silk ensures that our garments are always lightweight and will last for many years to come.

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The choice of fabric for producing our collection was simple, as silk is perfectly suited for creating luxury garments due to its luster, drape and elegant appearance.

But aside from its gorgeous and lightweight qualities – it also has the ability to maintain its quality up to 2000 years. This makes the fabric extremely durable and sustainable. Part of our collection is made of handwoven organic dyed silk. MALA CHETTY chose to partner with independent silk artisans who’s families have been hand- weaving silk for generations and perfected their craft
over the years. The coloring of the silk is done by hand with solely natural ingredients such as roots, bark, and flowers. That means there is absolutely no chemicals in this clothing, which is healthy for you, but also for its makers. Working closely with the artisans allows us to support the local community and the production to be transparent and 100% traceable.

The MALA CHETTY collection is produced in The Netherlands and made to be completely seasonless. Not limiting its wearability to a particular season or trend.