Louizon is a French brand created 3 years ago by siblings Yoni and Jessica. Their family was always in the clothing business so it was very naturally that they came up with the idea of Louizon, and they gave the brand that name as a tribute to their mother and also because it sounded feminine without being girly, having a masculine touch in it.

They wanted to create an affordable line that offered both comfy and stylish clothes, clothes that could be worn both during daytime for work but also after that, quality clothes that would stay with you all day long, for many occasions, and for years!

Louizon is all about using nice, qualitative and natural fabrics with a  boho vibe. The garments are a mix’n’match between an urban style and an ethnic/gypsy feel.

Half of the collections is made of French/local fabrics. At Louizon we really want to focus more and more about picking the right fabrics for the planet, and the best suppliers too, so we can walk slowly towards a more sustainable line. Today, Louizon has retailers in many countries around the world, and the goal of the brand is to keep expanding, growing worldwide, and spreading the love for the modern bohemian lifestyle !