behno is The World’s Finest, Ethically Made Handbags.

Based in NYC, behno’s mission is to redefine and bring sharp awareness to sustainability and ethics to fashion and to set a new standard for manufacturing for the
garment trade that revolutionizes the way garment workers and artisans are treated, viewed, and employed.

While behno works with many factories, it has also partnered with a large nonprofit and a successful industrialist of the garmenting industry to build an ethical garmenting factory in India called MSA Ethos. MSA Ethos
incrementally implements The behno Standard, which is broken down into six categories: health, garment worker mobility, family planning, women’s rights, worker satisfaction and benefits, eco-consciousness. behno
designs in “collections” rather than by seasons to promote slow-fashion where consumers buy what they love for the years to come. Each collection has versatile pieces suitable for different weather patterns and a global
market. The label also creates curated capsule RTW collections upon request and on a project basis to promote artisan and ethical techniques.